Planes in Peril

The Story So Far...

In the land of Midgard, a viking community separated from the rest of the world by a mystic veil, four young heroes uncovered a plot to overthrow the Jarl of their community. Through trickery and sabotage, a town elder planned to use a rival community as a scapegoat for false attacks on stored food. In those lean times, it took little convincing to rile the townsfolk. These young adventurers thwarted his attempts, but in the conflict the veil disappeared for a time.

Fearful of what could have entered, Riminilsiet, an old wizard who lived just outside town, sent the party to the edges of the land. What they found was alarming. Beasts warped into abominations and earth boiling and festering with evil. When they returned to their homes to relay their findings, it was in flames. A vampiric madman let loose his fury on the defenseless community. Impervious to magic, Riminilsiet had no hopes of stopping his rampage. Instead, he propelled our heroes across the planes to Faerun.

Disoriented, they found a town in desperate need of help. Selflessly setting aside their grief and confusion, they defeated a group of necromancers raiding nearby catacombs, but not before one escaped with the remains of a great hero. The only clue left behind pointed toward an elusive figure known as the Countess.

Riminilsiet, who was believed to be dead, appeared in the town’s tavern, where he informed them that a sinister cabal known as ‘the 13’ were responsible for what had happened to their home. He claimed they were sowing the seeds of despair and hate across the planes, though knew not entirely for what purpose. After hearing of the Countess, Riminisiet suspected she was part of or working for the 13, but could not be sure. With little else to work on, the party travelled north, to her last known location…



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