Bardal Valheart

Medium Build. Fancy red, Ligth green, and white clothing and a large elebrate red robe with white fur trim. Green Eyes Brown hair


Str: 10 (+0) Dex: 16 (+3) Con: 12 (+1) Int: 14 (+2) Wis: 13 (+1) Cha: 17 (+5) +2 Modifier from Cloak of Charisma

HP: 18 Base attack: +2 Init Modifier: +3 Grapple Modifier: +2

Fort: 2 Reflex: 4 Will: 5

Ac: 15 (+3 dex mod) (amulet of protection +2) Touch AC: 12 Flat Footed AC: 15

Apraise 4 Bluff: 6 Concentration: 8 Knowledge Arcana: 10 Knowledge Nobility: 8 Knowledge the planes: 4 Spellcraft: 6 Spot: 6 Use Magic Device: 9

Spells: (0): Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Ray of Frost, Mage hand, Mending, Read Magic

(1st) Mage Armor, Sleep, Magic Missle, Enchant Weapon

(2nd) Scorching Ray, Bull Strength

(3rd) Haste Spells Per Day: 6-6-0 3-6-1+1 1-3-2+1

Feats: Point Blank Shot Percise Shot Spell Focus Enchantment

Languages: Common Undercommon

Possessions: Cloak of Charisma +2 Wand of Charm Person Wand of Hold Person Alchemist Firex3 Acid Viles x2 Family Signet Ring 4X Pouches on Belt Nobles Outfits Amulet of Armor +2 Winter Clothes Tent (located on Horse bags) Beadroll (located on horse bags) Heavy War Horse Military Saddle Saddle bags Barding Bit and Bridle Bag of Holding Full Plate (in bag of holding) Unknown Wand (in bag of Holding Unknown Robe (in bag of Holding) Theodore (an animated book that has a re-bound leather cover and Bardal thinks is his friend.)

Money: 1554 (all in bag of holding for lighter load carry)

Light Load: 33 Medium Load: 34-66 Heavy Load 35-100

EXP: 13338


Bardal was raised among a rich Noble family that was well known and liked among the populace. One day the town was raided by the drau, the surviving populace enslaved. One day Bardal’s father helped him escape when they were being auctioned. Bardal used his latent powers which his father also had to escape. Bardal’s father told Bardal that he is the sole survivor and must carry on the legecy of the family and avange the attrocity. Bardal was also told a secret location under his home that was saved from the burning. When Bardal returned he found a sum of gold, clothing, a staff and his father’s Cloak. Bardal dauned the cloak and set out to try to help people in need and set right what is being set wrong, and if the underworld should rear its uglyhead, Bardal has sworn to show no mercy. The trauma the underworld put Bardal through makes him look on the bright side of life. He is always cheerful no matter what kind of possible death he may face since the underworld had robbed him of his life.

Bardal Valheart

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