Karaglen (Arilanna Kaael)

A dragon born in an elf body. Karaglen is adventuring in hopes of earning a transformation to her true form.

STR 12 +1
DEX 18 +4
CON 15 +2
INT 16 +3
WIS 14 +2
CHA 14 +2

Dragon Shaman HP 24+6d10

  • Intimidate 10
  • Knowledge Arcana 6
  • Knowledge The Planes 1
  • Profession Innkeeper 3
  • Search 8
  • Bluff 10
  • Climb 2
  • Craft Cooking 2

Languages Elven Common Draconic Gnome Orc Halfling Dwarven

  • Dragon Friend
  • Improved Initiative
  • Heighten Breath
  • 2,320 +1 Rapier
  • 8,150 +2 Elven Chain (AC 7) Counts as light (can sleep in it)
  • 165 Masterwork Buckler (+1 AC) (This item may be dropped or replaced with a full shield)
  • 2,000 Haversack
  • 2,500 Ring of sustenance
  • 300 Cure Light Potions (6 @ 50ea)
  • 350 Diary (Hard Metal Cover, Velum Pages, 100gp of workmanship)
  • 16 Vial of Ink (2 @ 8ea)
  • 150 Masterwork Ink Pen (silver fountain pen w/ dragon art)
  • 2 Extra parchment for letters (10 @ 0.2/sheet)
  • 1 Sealing wax 1/lb
  • 155 Masterwork Signet Ring (5 base)
  • 110 Everburning Torch
  • 100 Waist chain for dress
  • 150 Fine Dress (noble outfit) (Noble outfit = 75gp + min 150gp jewelry)
  • 100 Fine Necklace
  • 50 Hair restraint
  • 1,800 Gloves of Cleaning
  • 150 Light Warhorse
  • 20 Military Saddle
  • 2 Bit and Bridle
  • 10 Tent (20lb)
  • 50 Fine Brush
  • 1 Belt Pouch
  • 10 Small steel mirror
  • 100 Perfume (scent of fresh rain in the forest)
  • 10 Silk Rope
  • 228gp

Gloves of Cleaning
These white cotton gloves are prized by traveling nobles who abhor the filth of even the best transportation. The gloves dry, clean, press, and polish any touched item at will as the spell prestidigitation. When not actively being used on an object they cast this effect on the wearer and his or her current attire.


Elven Name: Arilanna Kaael (Silver Daughter, Dragon Great) Great Daughter of the Silver Dragon
Family name: Lafdul (moon glade)
Draconic Name: Karaglen (true name)
Childhood Name: Corashk (Legendary Fate) Legendary Destiny (“fate and destiny are only inflections of the same sound in the elven language, one being inseparable from the other”)

Arilanna is trans-species. A dragon born into an elven body. She has never felt at home with her own body and constantly experiences the instincts and desires of a dragon. She desperately wants to be changed into dragon form. Much of her childhood was spent trying to figure out what she was. She knew she wasn’t an elf, but without a reference she had no idea what she actually was.

Mother: Thoonna (Truth Keeper) Lafdul innkeeper of the Moonglade inn and tavern, and a powerful wizard (13th level). The inn has been in the family for generations. She was 150 when she gave birth to Corashk (Arilanna Kaael).

Father: Laavel (Night Sword) is a powerful duskblade (currently 11th level). He is not married to Thoonna though the carry on a long term dalliance, enjoying periods together between his adventures (sometimes for a few months, other times for years).

Town: Lea is located at a fork in a large trade route. There is also a nearby elven settlement, and a trail leading into the mountains where adventure may be found. Aside from the elven settlement, which is highly isolationist, there are no towns for at least three weeks wagon ride in any direction making Lea an obvious stopping point.

Karaglen (Arilanna Kaael)

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