Quiet Druid from a small viking community that was isolated from the wider world by a magical barrier until recently.

STR 11 0
DEX 15 +2
CON 13 +1
INT 14 +2
WIS 17 +3
CHA 14 +2

HP 38

  • Concentration 10
  • Craft (bow making) 4
  • Handle Animal 11
  • Heal 7
  • Knowledge Nature 11
  • Listen 12
  • Profession (farming) 4
  • Ride 4
  • Spot 12
  • Survival 14 (+2 Above Ground)
  • Weapons Proficiency (Long Bow)
  • Spell Focus (Conjuration)
  • Improved Summoning
  • Natural Spell

What comes from the earth will return to it.
The items Svein carries are largely utilitarian. Weapons, food, etc. He values the few items he has of particular personal significance but does not lust after money or the trappings of wealth. He does have a sizable amount of money that is currently held by Uhlric because that amount of metal makes Svein nervous, and besides, Uhlric has proven he is quite adept at bartering so it makes things easier.


Some people are isolated from their peers from a young age, for whatever reason not quite ‘fitting in’. Perhaps this is due to a difference in intelligence, empathy, or simply a different way of looking at the world. They may fail to see the point to many social activities, preferring the solitude or their own thoughts as they go about chores, or quite contemplation of the world around them to the laughter and group camaraderie of a game of tag or hide and go seek.

Some may be outcasts, but others may simply be non-participants, not actively disliked or picked on, and perhaps even semi-respected but simply understood as different in some intangible way.

Wither the reason for their isolation, a result of it, or simply a result of the causal factors for it; these people often have a very different view of the world around them than their typical peers.

My name is Svein and I am one of those people. Orphaned at a young age I have no memories of my birth mother and my father died before I was even born. I now live with a woman and her husband in town who have no children of their own. Mistress Eir is the town midwife and sometimes helps the sick in addition to tending the farm, and Master Thorsten is a farmer and warrior who is decently respected at things (things = gatherings of free men to make decisions etc. in Viking life. Viking terms = confusing as all hell). I do not believe he has ever been in a blood feud. I know they wish they had a son of their own, I have seen the looks they sometimes give each other when someone comments on ‘what a good son they have’ and ‘how lucky they are’ and they think nobody is looking. But they treat me as well as they would their own child, though truth be told, I believe they think me a bit odd.

Of course I am a bit odd in a way. I have never really played in the way other children do. It seems so important to them to determine who is the best at mock battle or who can make the greatest dare, but I have more important things to do with the little time I have after chores. I don’t chat and joke as much as others either. Most people say a lot of things that don’t really mean much, and they get excited and even panic over the silliest things like a few embers starting the smallest fire. Why don’t they just grab the pail or kick it out as I do without all the shouting and stories of a ‘close call’ afterward? Nothing comes of either, but I guess that is the way of most people.

I have always loved the woodland and try to spend as much time there as possible. I am glad when mistress Eir needs me to gather roots or berries as I would rather that than other chores. When time allows I walk or even just sit in the forest, hunt, or just spend time thinking for myself while I do extra chores instead of playing at board games or mock battles. Nature itself holds a great power that I believe few appreciate, a power I am just learning to comprehend.

I am a good shot with a bow, one of the best of my age in our village and the next two. And I can track as well as anyone. Luckily this gives me a chance to get away from the farm for a bit to hunt. Especially in the winter as I can hunt after dark when no other work can be done. It’s better than the stories and games others play, and the Mistress always appreciates the extra food, especially these days.

Perhaps the strangest thing people know about me is that I awaken early even on the longest days to go and sit in the woods for a bit before it is time for the farm work. They don’t know half the strangeness though. Alone in the woods I have begun to be able to actually control the power of nature itself!! Of course I dare not share this with anyone. I know, probably better than others, how they look on anything even a little different. But I CAN do it. I have even made friends with a wolf! I call him Ullr after the god of the hunt, the bow, and the ski. He is always there when I enter the wood and it is as if I can read his thoughts at times. It almost scares me, but that may not even be the strangest thing I have learned to do. A few moons ago I discovered I could change the color of my tunic and even my skin to whatever was around me for a while. Before that I learned that to make berries that are as good as any root or tea for cuts and bruises (though I dare not bring them back and show them to Mistress Eir).

I hope I can learn more, and quickly. The crops this year where terrible. Master Thorsten says it is one of the worst years he has seen, and people are beginning to go hungry. I fear the winter might bring war. Death and struggle are part of the natural order, but killing between villages will hardly solve anything. We don’t have the food to be wasting it on feeding hungry warriors. Perhaps my new power can help in time, at the least it should keep me well through any struggle as I am twice the hunter I was before.

Svein thinks of himself as a leader, just not a talkative one. He will easily step in when he feels it is needed to tell others what to do. This is most likely when he sees indecision or worse silly panicking from others. He will generally openly express his opinion when asked, and tends to be sympathetic to outsiders and less fearful of strange occurrences than others (obvious reason).


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