Magical or wonderus items

Through out my travels I have encountered items that exert magical properties. Here I am documenting some of the fantastic magical artifacts I find worth noting.

My first entry shall be my friend Theodore of whom I write these logs. Theodore is an animated book that seems to exert a form of sentience. I thought it was fantastic when I first encounterd my flapping papper friend here! He has been such a wonderful companion that I care for deeply and is kind enough to allow me to write my travel entiries and become a record for me. How wonderful is it that I may summon him and ask him to open to a specific page and find what i need? Very wonderful!

Braclets, rings and such things: Over our travels we have encountered small enchanted accessories that provide various magical properties to its wearer. For example my family robe I am never with out seems to make my cheerfulness well, more cheerful! Other items such as rings have been noted to make our natural ability to avoid a blade stronger, or hold a power to hold secret spells to be called upon. Other jewlery such as pendents or necklaces can hold similar properties. Thus far from what I understand the items we do have are meer fleks in the shadow of their more powerful cousins. Imagine what we could do with items of that magnitude! Fantastic!

Other Magical appearal: as a group we do not have much in the appearal department that has magical properties. so far I have my family’s vestments which I have noted above and two pairs of shoes. One pair of slippers in my posession allows me to climb walls, and cealings like the common arachnid! Amazing what these things can do! The other which I gave to my friend Ulrich is some boots which allow him to make great jumps and run long distences. Longer if he didnt have all of that heavy stuff he carries!

Wands: So far I have accumulated three magical wands who have different spells. I better start labeling these darn things! Like the trinkets these wands store a magical property. Unlike the trinkets they activate a spell that is bound to the wand. Some seem to have nearly unlimited use. Others have a limited number of times they can be activated and once all the uses are gone it mearly becomes a simple pointing stick. In my collection thus far I have a wand of Charm Person, A wand of Hold person and a wand of Invisibility. Oh the things one can do while invisible. Ha! Its fantastic!

Other potent items: On our travels we have discovered large artifacts that contain magical properties. One to note is a flying vessel known as a spell jammer. The one in our possession how ever is badly damaged and one of it’s key components, the helm, needs to be repaired. We currently are working on this problem with a Frost Giant of all things! How wonderful to work with such a being of power to fix an item which to him is so small!

Magical or wonderus items

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